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At Primal Fitness, we don’t believe in gimmicks, false claims or bogus hype. We believe in real results, and doing everything that we can to help our clients achieve their goals. That means being healthier, losing weight, improving their lives both right now and far into the future, and more. We’re confident that we can get you to enjoy the same type of success, which is why we guarantee our results.

We have the program you need to change your life, lose weight, gain confidence, and ultimately, be the happiest and healthiest that you can. Sign up today and work with a leading Orange County personal trainer from our team, and let us guide you to your goals.

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Mondays: MMA Fit & Conditioning, 6:30 PM
: Kickboxing, 6 AM & 5:30 PM
Wednesdays: MMA Fit & Conditioning, 6:30 PM
Thursdays: Kickboxing, 6 AM & 5:30 PM

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Success Stories

Finally, a no attitude gym in Southern California! It’s hard to find. I was at 24 Hour Fitness and Equinox and hated them because of all the glamour queens and kings that are not really there for a workout. The trainers at Primal Fitness are actually interested in my well-being and fitness goals. My personal trainer helped me lose over 70 pounds with motivation and a lot of hard work. Thank you Primal Fitness! I have never looked better, and I feel great!

-Jen Y

I’ve worked out at a number of different gyms in Orange County and Primal Fitness Centers is the best of all them wrapped into one. The facility is clean, fun, and seems to have never ending possibilities. The trainers are fun and extremely knowledgeable. My trainer is able to plan and execute an exercise regime for each of us – some of us are there to lose weight and some are there to build muscle. The biggest key to my success is the constant motivation and great atmosphere.

-Jimmy B

I am so grateful for my “second chance” to live a truly beautiful, healthy, fit life. I have many to thank for helping me on my weight loss journey. The N.E.W. program, and their comprehensive weight loss and maintenance program, gave me the tools, education, and attention needed over the last three years to combat the daily struggle to eat and live a healthy lifestyle. The individualized fitness program at Primal Fitness Centers and the encouragement and incentive to stick with the program has been a special gift from Primal Fitness and, my personal trainer. Her continued support has helped me to stay focused on my goal ‘to be the best that I can be!’ Thank you, for keeping me on track to be that positive, mindful person I strive to be.

-Marilyn J

Shawna Murphy has been my trainer for the last two and a half years. During that time, we have trained at a few locations. We have recently landed at the ideal location, Primal fitness centers. Shawna and Primal fitness centers are the perfect match. They are professional, accommodating, no-nonsense, and efficient. In this motivating and non-threatening environment, Shawna has instructed me on proper form while inspiring, motivating and encouraging me to remain focused on my goals. Shawna Murphy and Primal Fitness have a client for life!

-Ginger A

Great gym, great atmosphere! Finally a gym that got me to keep coming! I have tried many gyms and it was not until Primal fitness that I ever stuck to any programs. I never do the same workout, it’s always different and interesting, and I never get bored. I have lost over 130 lbs. with the help of my personal trainer and good eating habits. Facilities are clean and the staff and members are great! LOVE IT!

-Stephanie B

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